XXI AIPS National Congress  2016
“Professions and Professionalism in Sport Psychology in Italy”
Bologna, May 27-29, 2016


The National Congress is the most important and significant event organized, every two years, by the Italian Association of Sport Psychology (AIPS). The next Congress will take place in Bologna from 27 to 29 May 2016, at the NOVOTEL BOLOGNA FIERA, Via Michelino 73.
Even for the XXI edition, the AIPS National Congress will be the most important Italian opportunity of scientific and professional exchange among the many realities of the world of sport, exercise and applied psychology. The title of the XXI AIPS National Congress focuses on the current status of the Psychology of Sport in Italy and on the professionalism (knowledge, skills, roles, training) of the sport psychologist.
The XXI AIPS National Congress will develop the major research topics related to sport psychology, exercise and performance and their applicative repercussions that can be interesting not only for psychologists, psychotherapists and doctors, but also for chinesiologi (doctors in physical education) , physical education teachers, pedagogues, sociologists, therapists, technicians and trainers of sports clubs, managers and sport journalists, athletes and for everyone who cares and loves sport and exercise.
The program of the XXI AIPS National Congress  will include papers and symposia, parallel sessions and poster discussion. The participants will discuss their research and present their work, by taking part in round tables, workshops and working groups dealing with specific issues.In addition, as a tradition, also the XXIAIPS National Congress will be attended by numerous speakers of international fame. We think that the XXI National Congress of AIPS will be rich of foreign guests, of accademic interventions and also of Italian professional working concerning sports psychology, exercise and performance.
Interesting key notes will be discussed by:

Martin Hagger – School of Psychology and Speech Pathology, Curtin University, Australia

Anne Marie Elbe – University of Copenhagen Denmark

Markus Raab – German Sport University of Cologne, Germany

Xavier Sanchez – University of Cumbria, UK

Rita de Oliveira – London South Bank University, UK

Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis – University of Thessaly, Greece

While other members of the Managing Council of FEPSAC participate as professional experts in round tables and workshops:

Nadine Debois – Qualified in both Sport Psychology Sciences (PhD) and in Sport Teaching (Aggregation in sport and exercise), France

Karin Moesch – Sport psychologist at the Swedish Sports Confederation, Sweden

Lina Vaisetaite –  Sport psychologist and MPsy in Clinical psychology, National Olympic Committee of Lithuania, Lithuania

It will not only be a moment of high cultural and scientific comparison, but also a very professional moment; moreover, the all members of working groups in sports psychology currently operating in the different regional Orders of psychologists will be invited. The President of the National Order of Psychologists (Fulvio Giardina) has guaranteed his presence, and we are really proud of that. Finally, several Italian representatives who currently operate in various international reference organizations (Maurizio BertolloFEPSAC, Marco GuicciardiEFPA, Fabio LucidiISSP).

We wait for you in Bologna!

Gianfranco Gramaccioni

Chair of AIPS National Congress 2016

Francesca Vitali

AIPS President