immagineMusic has been intertwined with exercise and sport for many decades, and recent advancements in digital technology and personal listening devices have significantly strengthened that bond. Applying Music in Exercise and Sport combines contemporary research, evidence-based practice, and specific recommendations to help exercise and sport professionals, coaches, students, researchers, and enthusiasts use music to enhance enjoyment, motivation, and performance of physical activity. Readers will explore the psychological and physiological effects of music and learn how to apply scientific principles to personal workouts, group exercise classes, and both individual and team sport settings.

Applying Music in Exercise and Sport presents an interdisciplinary approach to selecting, integrating, and studying music in physical activity settings. Part I introduces the science of how music can help in exercise and sport and how it can be used to influence specific behaviors and emotions. Part II focuses on using music to enhance the exercise experience in both individual and group settings. Individual exercise types that are examined include flexibility, aerobic, and strength workouts, while group exercise activities include popular fitness classes such as Spinning, yoga, and circuit training. Part III focuses on how music can enhance sport training and performance, providing rich insight for coaches and competitive athletes participating in individual and in team sports.Applying Music in Exercise and Sport facilitates creation of effective playlists, empowers music-related interventions, and enables assessment of the effects of music in the field. Collectively, these music-related skills promote purposeful selection of tracks, optimize psychological responses, and enhance performance.


A reference for sport and exercise science practitioners and researchers, including fitness professionals, psychologists, coaches, and physiologists, as well as athletes and fitness enthusiasts. A supplemental text for students in athletic coaching education, sport and exercise psychology, and sport science programs. A resource to support music and physical activity-related project work for senior high school and undergraduate students.



What Do You Know About Music in Exercise and Sport?Part I: How and Why Music Can Help Us in Exercise and Sport

Chapter 1. Music in Exercise and Sport

Music and Human Societies Through the Ages

The Music and Exercise Revolution

Music and the Olympic Games

What Is Music?

Music Use in Exercise and Sport

Main Effects of Music

How Music Is Used

Music Use and the Law


Chapter 2. The Science Behind the Music–Performance Connection

Why Certain Tunes Resonate With Us

Factors Influencing Responses to Music: A New Theoretical Model


Chapter 3. Assessing Music and Measuring Its Effects

Using Psychometrics in the Field

Selecting Music for Exercise and Sport

Assessing the Effects of Music During a Task

Assessing the Effects of Music After a Task


Summary Points for Part I

Part II: Using Music to Enhance Exercise and Workouts

Chapter 4. Using Music to Enhance Exercise and Workouts

Pre-Workout Preparation

Strength-Based Workouts

Cardiorespiratory Workouts

Using Music in Personal Training



Chapter 5. Group Exercise and Workouts

Classes With Choreographed Movements

Classes and Group Activities With Asynchronous Music


Chapter 6. Case Studies and Playlists

Case Study 1: Mom of Three Sophie Who Wants to Rekindle the Exercise Habit

Case Study 2: Ambitious Exercise-to-Music Instructor Marino Supercharges His Classes

Summary Points for Part II

Part III: Using Music to Enhance Sport Training and Performance

Chapter 7. Individual Sport Training and Performance

Serve-and-Return Sports

Endurance-Based Sports

Subjectively Scored Sports With an Artistic Component

Power-Based Sports and Events

Ice Track Sports

Combat Sports

Aerial and Water-Based Sports


Aiming and Shooting Sports


Chapter 8. Team Sport Training and Performance

Serve-and-Return Sports

Paddle Sports

High-Contact Field Sports

Subjectively Scored Team Sports

Bat-and-Ball Team Sports

Court-Based Ball Games

Aiming Sports

Interactive Team Sports

Team Sailing

Miscellaneous Category


Chapter 9. Case Studies and Playlists

Case Study 1: Frieda’s Run for Freedom

Case Study 2: Coach Anderson Seeks New “Sound System”

Summary Points for Part III

What Do You Now Know About Music in Exercise and Sport?
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